Elliot Saxby – Kundalini Bodywork & De-armouring, Advanced Level One


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The application process is really simple just email us explaining why you’d like to attend. A social media profile, your website or any similar information is helpful too and makes it more likely to receive an immediate yes.

We will respond to everyone so if you don’t receive a message from us please message again, or contact us through social media. Currently we are not giving reasons on acceptance beyond it’s important for us to create a good group dynamic with a mix of people and genders, some learning for self development and some professionally.

If we’re unable to say yes to you immediately it’s likely that we will add your name to the waiting list, if there is a specific reason to reject your application that we can help with, we will make suggestions so that you can reapply in the future.

These trainings fill up quite quickly so we suggest applying early.

You can watch videos from previous training here https://www.youtube.com/elliottsaxby


Kundalini Bodywork Advanced Level One (first 3 days)

In this course we apply the skills learned in Kundalini Bodywork Online, expanding our knowledge of how energetic pathways and polarities flow in the body, and how to harness this flow for healing and transformation. We learn how to work with the energy (chakra) systems and the electromagnetic field (aura) of another person while furthering our personal practice.

We learn how Kundalini Bodywork is fundamentally different to other energy work modalities such as Reiki and Pranic healing, while also learning the value of these systems and how to incorporate these into our practice.

We go beyond experiencing and understanding energetic and Kundalini Bodywork and start to develop the inner character, open heartedness, and sense of oneness needed to work with energy and Kundalini. This courses provides techniques and offers perspectives that we can all use to activate our own Kundalini and allow it to run through us.

A Kundalini rising, although not the aim of this workshop, is a unique experience and the knowledge that we individually receive is the knowledge that fits us best, our DNA, karma, souls purpose and unique way of working. Workshops with the School of Energetic Bodywork are designed to prepare us for such experiences, and to expand in them once already attained. As well as the knowledge and training received in the course this is a time and space to discover your own knowledge with like minded people dedicated to service, love and the expansion of human consciousness.

Kundalini Bodywork consists of energetic bodywork practices, de-armouring practices and non-dual therapy. As the 3 main methods are fundamentally connected we learn them at the same time, but focus in on one at a time. In the first 3 days our focus is on energetic bodywork practices and in the last 3 days de-armouring.

4th day: Rest & Integration Day 

De-armouring Advanced Level One (last 3 days) 

De-armouring is a metaphoric term that relates to taking emotional, physical and mental pain out of the body. In this course we will learn and practice various techniques to de-armour the body in a safe and non-obtrusive way to allow a greater flow of Chi to run through us and our clients. In Kundalini Bodywork Online we learn to de-armour ourselves (self de-armouring) and in Kundalini Bodywork Advanced we learn how to clear the pathway of Kundalini in others. In this training we learn to de-armour others using both physical and energetic methods while also receiving this beautiful practice.

Course includes

  • Basic science and it’s practical application to the work
  • Specific and major points in the body that allow more Chi to flow
  • Where, how, how long, and how hard to press and hold points on and in the body. When to include motion, how to notice energy shifting in the body, when to communicate with clients, creating a space for integration and more
  • Foundational de-armouring sequences for use with clients
  • You will be required to both give and receive this work during the training

Open to professional and non-professional people

The week is led by Elliott Saxby with the support of assistants who know and are passionate about this work.


To attend this course you need to submit your learning reviews from Kundalini Bodywork Online before the course start date, it’s great to do as much of the course as possible before starting, but it also possible to complete essential parts of the course using the learning review cheat sheets and complete in a few hours.

This allow us to focus on the actual bodywork during the training, referring people back to the online course for fundamental questions to this practice. It’s very hard to fail the online course or have your application rejected but occasionally we may suggest more personal development work before attending to ensure a group container where everyone benefits.

In the unlikely event that you learning reviews are denied we will refund you the workshop price minus a $60 admin fee, otherwise our normal cancellation rules apply.

If you have questions please email Melodie

and let’s start transforming lives, yours and others.

Course cost is on a sliding scale

The kitchen at the centre is creating us a Vegan and mostly organic menu that support the work we will do in this week, it includes a light breakfast, and high protein lunch, with heavier foods available in the evening.

This training is for 26 people (including assistants) and the price is with accommodation, we do not encourage people to stay off site.

Please pay an amount that best reflects your income (the sliding scale ALSO helps us allocate rooms fairly).

  • €2250 with food and accommodation for the 8 nights is the minimum amount
  • to secure a single room the minimum amount you should put in the donation box is €280

We will try our best to accommodate everyones needs and allocate rooms based on your preferences and the sliding scale payment.

On the booking form you can also select

  • Booking as a couple (double room request)
  • Prefer a shared room (and let us know if you come a friend that you would like to share with)
  • Prefer a private room please write a minimum of €280 in the donation box

Exact location of the training is shared after booking confirmation and payment, pictures of the venue are below.


We are approximately a 90 minute drive from Denmark airport and will organise shared taxi pick up times and points for you after receiving your arrival times. We will also support locals in organising lift shares within Denmark where possible, and offer public transport suggestions where needed.

Parking at the venue is free

Check in 

Course runs from Wednesday 3rd at 10:00hrs to Tuesday 9th at 16:00hrs

Check in is from Tuesday 2nd at 17:00 and includes dinner for those wishing to arrive the night before (generally most people)

Check out of your room is on Wednesday 10th at 10:00

Shared travel back home is self organised with support during the middle of the week.



Cancellation policy:

For pandemic related cancellations, with proof of reason, you can keep a credit note in our account for the full amount, or you can receive a 50% refund.

For other cancellation reasons:

Cancellation within 1 week of booking = 100% refund with a $80 admin fee

Cancellation up to 8 weeks before the course = 75% refund

Cancellation after 8 weeks before the course = 50% refund

Cancellation 2 weeks before the course = by discretion

All amounts are plus any currency conversion and bank charges

For more information please email, or register



01 - 08/08/23


All Day


Elliott Saxby